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What does the option in the Automation Engine Pilot > Publish on WebCenter task > Approval > Annotations do?


The uses of the Annotation option in the Publish on WebCenter task are as follows:

  • To send a file for approval from Automation Engine to WebCenter.
  • When annotations are created in WebCenter, the WebCenter creates a html file based on the smartnames defined in the Annotations option of the Publish on WebCenter task (file name + location as defined in your settings).
  • Automation Engine operator can know that the annotations are created, based on the html file that appears.
  • The html file contains a link to the file in the WebCenter project. The link opens the corresponding file with annotations without needing to browse for it in the WebCenter.
If no annotations are created in WebCenter, the annotations.html file will not be created.
The annotations.html file cannot be used in the Automation Engine Viewer.
You need access (login + password) for a user who is part of the WebCenter project to be able to use the annotations.html file.
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Automation Engine 12.1.0

WebCenter 12.1.0

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