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Sometimes when using certain dimensions while creating a bag gives the following error message: "Value is out of range". The value that you have entered does not work with the other dimensions.

For Example: When you create a new Gusseted Bag with the following dimensions: Width = 42, Length = 210, Depth = 30, as soon as you leave the Depth field, the error message appears. Here the 'gusset depth' will overlap the 'back seal' area and is invalid. This is a known limitation.

The current limitations in the software are as follows:

Functionality limitation: Studio Toolkit for Flexibles will not allow creating bag files if certain parts of the bag overlap. In particular, for gusseted bags it does not allow to create a bag with the side gusset and the fin seal on the back overlapping when the bag is flattened.

User Interface limitation of Studio Toolkit for Flexibles: It checks if the combined bag dimensions when creating a bag is valid. If they are not, "Value is out of range" error message appears and the entered value is rejected. However, sometimes you may like to enter values that are not allowed. In which case, you can change the values of other dimension that will make the combination allowed again.


There are currently no solutions for this issue, but a 'possible' fix is being planned for one of the future releases in 2014.


For the Functionality limitation:

Currently, the only workaround is to modify the dimensions slightly so that the side gusset and the fin seal on the back do not overlap anymore. The effect of making the side gussets a little bit less deep and the bag a bit wider to compensate, will resolve the problem. Note that the total size of the die stays the same and so the graphics will most likely match.

An example could be to use the following values: Width = 48, Length = 210, Depth = 27. This way, your end result will match the graphics file as close as possible.

User Interface limitation:

Leave the value as is and change the values of the other dimensions first. Finally, set the first value correctly.

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