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PowerTrapper creates small artifacts and the "close small gaps" is not closed.


Issue PowerTrapper 1

In the case of two adjacent touching reverse traps, PowerTrapper does not create traps accurately. It can leave small artifacts on the final film/ plate. The two adjacent touching reverse traps leave a small peak due to rounding errors.

Issue PowerTrapper 2

Gap distance was not computed during gap removal and gap distance was not taken into account while masking away the "don’t care" objects.

Issue PowerTrapper 3

PackEdge might crash when retrapping a document containing dynamic objects (for e.g.: registration marks).

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to:

Article information
Applies to

PackEdge 12.0.1

Plato 12.0.1

Last revised 
Author KKE, LSCH
CW NumberEA141509, EA141413, EA140640, EA133954

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