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A normalized PDF file is a PDF file that is conform to a set of rules.

One of these rules is having halftone information stored in it's XMP data.

Unfortunately it happens that a normalized PDF file is altered outside your Esko workflow,

where this information is overwritten and causes trouble when importing back in your Esko software.



When opening a Normalized PDF in PackEdge, the following error pops up:

No Format
"Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF file. 
Normally Normalized PDF files always have screening information".


When opening a Normalized PDF in PackEdge or performing a task in the BackStage on a Normalized PDF, you can end up with the error: "Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF file. Normally Normalized PDF files always have screening information".

This will be a Normalized PDF file that has been edited and resaved by the Adobe® Illustrator® or any other PDF editor.


Save and reopen the file in the PackEdge. If you don't have PackEdge, export the PDF file to PostSctript and normalize again or copy and paste the information of the file into a new document.

Article informationApplies to

BackStage 7.0

FlexRip 7.0

PackEdge 7.0

Automation Engine:

No Format
ERROR - Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF File.


What is necessary is for the halftone information to be correctly rewritten in the XMP data of your normalized PDF.

  • Use an Esko program to edit the Normalized PDF file. PackEdge, Automation Engine or DeskPack PDF Import plug-in.
    1. PackEdge > Reopen and save the file in PackEdge
    2. Automation Engine > Launch the "Adjust PDF Screening" task
    3. DeskPack > Open the Normalized PDF file in Illustrator and export it again as a Normalized PDF.



Retrace to where the PDF could have been altered. If for example this has been altered by using Adobe® Illustrator®, note that we have a free and simple solution called the Data Exchange plugin.

Data Exchange Plug-in that acts as a bridge between Adobe® Illustrator® and all Esko applications. You can find the Data Exchange plug-in on our website.

And will solve more than only the "missing halftone information" issue.


Article information
Applies to

Automation Engine All Verisons

BackStage All Versions

FlexRip All Versions

PackEdge All Versions

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