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Where can we find and download the free Esko Data Exchange plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®?

Where can I find and download the following plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®?

  • Ink Manager
  • Structural Design
  • Shapes
  • Trim&Media Box
  • PDF Export
  • XMP Viewer


The Esko Data Exchange plugin package consists of several free plugins, available in a single Esko Data Exchange installer package. This can be downloaded for free from the Esko Website under the "Free Software" section.

The Data Exchange plugins consist of the following:

  • Ink Manager (manage inks in your document)
  • Structural Design (open/place Esko structural design files in Adobe® Illustrator®)
  • Shapes (online store to buy 3D models for use in Studio)
  • Trim&Media Box (set Esko Trim and Media boxes in your Illustrator® document)
  • PDF Export (allows export to Normalized PDF)
  • XMP Viewer (ability to check the document's Esko XMP data)

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