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Users cannot login anymore via the ArtiosCAD Enterprise client.


  • ArtiosCAD Enterprise users cannot logon via the Enterprise client. The following warning message appears: "Unable to login".
    • When choosing Work Offline, it is possible to login.
    • When trying to login via a web browser using the WebCenter URL, the error message points to a failing LDAP authentication: "Logon Failed (LDAP authentication failed)".
  • The 'admin' user can logon via the Enterprise client, both working online and offline.
  • The 'admin' user can logon when trying to login via a web browser, using the WebCenter URL.


In this case, it seems that the ArtiosCAD Enterprise user authentication is not managed via WebCenter, but via the LDAP authentication (Active Directory).

Probably there is a change in the LDAP server level.

  1. Via the WebCenter URL, logon with the user 'admin' (that is the only one that is not linked with LDAP authentication)
  2. Go to Admin > LDAP configuration.
    1. Click Save, the LDAP connection will fail.
    2. Compare the LDAP settings with the actual settings on the LDAP server.
    3. Modify the LDAP settings in WebCenter.
      1. Enter and confirm the password.
      2. Click Save. If there is no error, it should work fine.
    4. Try to logon with a normal user that is linked with LDAP.

You should now be able to logon both via the Enterprise client and via the WebCenter URL.

For more information see the Admin guide:

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