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WebCenter Viewer and WebCenter Workflow Editor are not working anymore after updating to Java 7 update 51.


  • You get error messages regarding the security when trying to access the Viewer or the Workflow Editor.
  • While working in WebCenter, a dialog pops up with the error message: "SecurityException Error".
  • Error message: "Missing required Permission manifest attribute in main jar".


Upgrade to WebCenter 12.1.2.

For customers who are not able to plan a fast upgrade, hotfixes are made available:

Hotfixes are now available for several affected versions of WebCenter 12.x:

VersionBuildAppletsHotfix r5all


12.112.1 r8-r12allHF_1204049_20140117_CW208834 r161 + 12.0 c1021allHF_1202136_20140121_CW209417 r158  not yet requested r153allHF_1202135_20140115_CW208349
12.012.0 r148  not yet requested

For WebCenter 10.1, the following hotfixes have been prepared:

10.110.1 build 37Graphics/CAD ViewerHF_122_20131219_CW204528_DT119300
10.110.1 build 37Upload AppletHF_123_20140121_CW209642


  1. Go to the Java control panel or Java Preferences on your system:
    1. Windows: An entry should be available in the Control Panel classic view. The Java Control Panel is listed under Programs. If you cannot find it there, try searching for Configure Java in your Windows Start menu.
    2. Mac OS 10.6: Open the Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences.
    3. Mac OS 10.7 or higher: Open System Preferences > Java.
  2. You can leave the setting on the default ('High' as shown in the screenshot below, or to Medium as for some customers it works only when setting to 'Medium'), but add an exception for your WebCenter site. Make sure to add your WebCenter site without the instance name (e.g. /WebCenter_Inst or /WebCenter).

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