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I have a project with assets in WebCenter. I want to see these assets in my CHILI editor. How do I do this?


Documents from Document libraries of all the projects to which your current document version is linked, can be used as assets for your CHILI document. The documents/ folders will be filtered by the WebCenter security settings. If the document library is a project, the user must have download permissions on the document/ folder, to be able to use it as an asset. There are no restrictions when the document library is a template.  

The external assets panel is displayed in a tree structure, where each project/template represents a top level folder. For each document/asset a thumbnail is shown.

Setup in WebCenter:

  1. Place your assets in a project or template.
  2. In the project of your CHILI document, setup the asset library project as document template library. 
    1. The document library can only be set up by an Admin user, if your are not one yourself, ask an Admin user to perform following steps for you.
    2. Go to Project/ Template and choose Configure > Document Templates. 
    3. Select your asset library project.

      It is possible to assign a project to itself as document template library.
  3. It is possible to have multiple asset libraries by linking the CHILI document to different projects. In that case, each project's document template library will be available.

Setup in the CHILI BackOffice:

To set this up in the CHILI workspace, the CHILI administrator has to add an External Assets panel within the workspace and point the Directory List URL and Asset List URL to WebCenter with the following calls:

Directory List URL

Code Block

Asset List URL

Code Block
WebCenter_URL and WebCenter_Instance need to be replaced with your own WebCenter instance and URL. The values between the % characters should remain unchanged. They will be filled out by WebCenter.
Search URL and Post URL options are not supported.
The Directory List URL and Asset List URL calls can also be used for image variables pointing to external assets.
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