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In WebCenter, it is possible to configure the menu for the non-admin section. This way, specific menu items can be added or removed for certain users/groups. 

From WebCenter 12.1, it is possible to use the menu builder to create these custom menus. Before WebCenter 12.1, you had to do this by editing the XML file manually.


  1. Log in as an Admin user and go to the Admin section.
  2. From the main menu, choose Preferences > Menus.

  3. If you want to edit an existing menu, click the menu name. If you want to create a new menu, click Add Menu.

    The existing menu files can still be uploaded using the Upload Menu option.
  4. A menu consists out of three views: Main Menu, Project Details and Document Details. Select one of them to change modes.

    1. The Main Menu defines what you see in the WebCenter top menu bar.
    2. The Project Details view defines what you see when you are on the project details page.
    3. Same applies for the Document Details view, but for documents.

      From WebCenter 14.0, there are similar views for Template Details, Task Type Details, Task-Type Read-Only and Users Details.
  5. To remove an item from a specific menu, select the menu item you would like to delete and click the X icon.


  6. You can only add menu items in the Main Menu using the menu builder. To do so, select any of the menu items and click the Add Custom Menu button . Now, you can specify several values:
    1. Choose a Label Type and set a Label for your menu item.
    2. Specify the visibility in the Visible To section.
    3. Select a URL Type and provide a URL, Saved Search, Project Template or Characteristics depending on URL Type.
    4. And, most importantly, define the Parent Menu, the menu item under which your new item will be listed. Choose New Menu to create an entirely new menu item.
  7. After you have done your changes, click Save to save your changed menu.

Menu changes are not immediately visible. A user needs to log out and log back in again to see the changes.


If you wish to add menu items to the Project Details or Document Details menu, you will need to manually adapt the Menu XML file. You can read more information on this procedure in the WebCenter manual:

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