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When creasing parallel lines with Power head or HD Unit, crease line offset may be inconsistent due to play between the crease wheel and the crease wheel holder "fork".


A simple and quick solution may be to reduce play between the fork and crease wheel by applying tape between the teflon glide bearings and the fork.


Care must be taken when you try this solution, not to damage anything. If you don't feel safe and comfortable following these steps, please do not try.

  1. Remove the crease wheel.
  2. Use a small hammer to remove the teflon glide bearing. Be careful not to bend or damage the fork.
  3. Use for instance, a screwdriver to push the teflon bearing all the way out.
  4. Use thin tape like packaging tape as a shim.
  5. Trim tape.
  6. Push the bearing back into place.
  7. Check whether the play is gone. If not, repeat the procedure with the teflon bearing on the other side.
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