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How to start autonumbering from a particular number instead of the default one?

You've been searching how to do it but you can't find it in the interface. See the procedure below on how to set this up.


  1. Create a template and go to the Project Creation tab:

  2. Type the desired Prefix, Counter Length and Suffix.

  3. Now save the settings by clicking the Save button below.
  4. Create a new project based on the template you've just created. You'll see that you now have a project with the following name: "prefix"+"counterlength"+"suffix".

  5. Now go to the Project Information tab of the project and change the project name.

  6. Here for testing purpose I've made it "test60000test". Click Save again and create a new project based on the same template as earlier.
  7. You'll see that the counter now starts from "60000" instead of "00000"

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