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In case I've created a Printing Method but I want to delete it, where can I find the location of this printing method?


If you need to know how to create custom printing methods in Adobe® Illustrator®, using the Ink Manager, please check the manual:

Esko Data Exchange Printing Methods


  • In case of Client-Server connection, the Printing Method is stored in the Tools > Configure > Printing Methods section (login as admin).

  • In case of server older than DeskPack 12.2, you should be able to find a printingmethods.dat file in \\SERVERNAME\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\ printingmethods.dat
  • In case of standalone DeskPack installation, you can find the printing methods in the Illustrator or Esko Plugin Preference file (depending on Adobe® Illustrator® version) AND also in the Illustrator document dictionary (so available in the file itself).
    The Esko Plugin Prefs file can be found in /Users/<current user>/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings/.


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