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Why are some of my Outputs disabled in the Outputs menu in ArtiosCAD?



This article applies to both Standard and Enterprise Editions.

ArtiosCAD 16.0 and below has a limit of 300 Outputs and 300 3D-Outputs.

In ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 and above this limit has been increased to over 1000 Outputs and 1000 3D-Outputs.

Although more Outputs can be defined in Defaults, any Output over this limit will appear disabled in the menu. This applies to Outputs that appear in the Outputs, Export, Send, Multiple Workspace and Project-Bill of Materials menus.

This also applies to Outputs-3D, which will disable any 3D-Output over this limit in the Outputs-3D menu.

To work around this problem, it is necessary to reduce the Output count to below this limit by removing unused Outputs from Shared or User Defaults in the Standard Edition and Shared, Location or User Defaults in the Enterprise Edition.

Please note that you may experience performance issues as you increase the number of Outputs in Defaults when starting ArtiosCAD and Opening or Saving Defaults.  

As a result of increasing the limit in version 16.0.1, an incompatibility was introduced for Outputs which are placed on Custom Toolbars when running both version 16.0 and 16.0.1 (and above).  Although Although Outputs on Custom Toolbars created in version 16.0 will display and work properly in version 16.0.1 and above.  Outputs , Outputs on Custom Toolbars which are created and or edited in version 16.0.1 (and above) will not work in version 16.0.  In this case the Output will not be displayed in the Custom Toolbar.This article applies to both Standard and Enterprise Editions.

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