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ReportMaker reports contain information on technical and/or varnish inks (ink attributes, ink coverage data) while the text mark that is used to generate this information is using the options Ignore technical inks or Ignore varnish inks. How to make sure these inks are excluded?  


The Ignore technical/varnish option in the text mark SmartMark apply to the color of the resulting text object. They don't influence the text fields. If one uses a text field to show the name of the third ink, this will always show the third ink available to the text mark, independent of ink 1 or 2 being varnish and/or technical and independent whether the ignore options are used or not.

How to proceed to correctly exclude technical and/or varnish inks in text marks?  

Place the text mark(s) in an indirect way:

  1. Place the text mark in a new PDF file, either make it a monochrome (i.e. single ink) file or add a number of dummy inks (up to the maximum number of inks you're likely to use in your jobs). In case of a monochrome file, make sure that the text mark(s) contains text fields which place the information on the first ink. In case of a multi-ink file, make sure that the text mark(s) contain text fields for all inks.

  2. Place this PDF as an image mark in your ReportMaker template and use the requested Ignore varnish/technical options. In case of a monochrome image mark, repeat the image mark in the requested inks (with step).

  3. In doing so, the text mark only 'sees' the restricted set of inks (after applying the ignore options) and it will correctly skip technical and/or varnish inks.

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Created 06-Nov-13
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