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How to remove a spot color from a PDF using a wildcard in the spot color name?

You may have a PDF that contains a spot color that can be named in a variety of ways i.e. cutter, cutter_channel plus and many more such combinations.


  1. Open the Automation Engine Pilot.

  2. Go to Tickets.

  3. Search for the Optimize PDF separations ticket (see screenshot for Automation Engine12.2 example).

  4. Go to the Inks (second) tab, ignore all the other tabs.

  5. In Action 3, you can press the "+" sign to add a new rule. For our example I added *cutter*, so all inks containing any form of cutter in their name will be removed.


  1. Make sure you have the processor module for Automation Engine.
  2. The rules are still case sensitive. So in this case, Cutter would not be deleted because of the capital "C". You can add a new rule for that as well.
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Automation Engine 12.1 and newer

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