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Old PLA format from Plato does not allow access to FlexRip tickets in Automation Engine.


When selecting a PLA file format in Automation Engine Pilot, you do not have access to FlexRip tickets for any output flavour. But when selecting a PDFPLA file, the FlexRip tickets are available.


PLA layout format is part of the old GRS document format group and is no longer a supported input type for FlexRip.

  1. In Plato, open the old PLA document.
  2. Click File > Export Layout.  Here you may set parameters for exporting the PLA format to PDFPLA.
  3. Save the file.

You may now open the PDFPLA and work in Plato as needed.

For more information on the Export Layout menu, click here:

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.x

FlexRip 12.x

Plato 12.x

Last revised 
CW Number226614

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