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Tasks based on the BRIX graphic kernel might unexpectedly clip away parts of a PDF design when such a task would extend the MediaBox (margins).


Tasks based on the BRIX graphic kernel that extend the MediaBox (margins) of their PDF input (f.i.: "Add SmartMarks" or "Export to PDF File" while adding SmartMarks), might fail to also extend the CropBox if there is one.

This can result in inconsistent behavior further in the workflow, where some steps might clip on the unchanged CropBox (causing design elements to be clipped away) and other steps might not.

Viewing in Adobe® Acrobat®, f.i. (which clips away what is outside the CropBox) might also be inconsistent compared to the Automation Engine Viewer (which does not clip on the CropBox).

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to:

Article information
Applies to

Automation Engine 12.2.0

PackEdge 12.1.2

Plato 12.1.2

Last revised 
CW NumberCW 217399 , CW 210071, CW 207898, CW 202667, CW 199239 , CW 216147, CW 214077

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