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On the System Info page, which you can access by choosing Configuration > System Info from the Admin main menu, the Filestore usage info seems to be incorrect.

This is a known issue. Similar information can however be obtained from the Troubleshooting Tool, which was introduced with WebCenter 12.1.2.


  • Other information on the System Info page looks correct, but the Filestore usage info section shows 0 for MB used.
  • In fact, FileStore space is used, since files have been uploaded to WebCenter.


This is a known issue, which will be addressed in later versions of WebCenter.

If you are using WebCenter 12.1.2 or newer, follow these steps to see the FileStore usage info:

  1. As an Admin user, choose Configuration > Troubleshooting Tool. You will see that several tests are running, wait for the tests to complete.
  2. Check the information displayed at the test File Store Disk Space [WCR121_TST_320].


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