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This article answers the following questions:

  • What is Esko ID?
  • Why should I register for an Esko ID account?


Esko ID is the one account that gives you access to all Esko services and to use software subscriptions:

  • My Account
    • Your central hub for all things Esko, with an overview of
    • Your order history on the Esko Store (subscriptions, consumables)
    • Your Esko devices (Kongsberg, CDI)
    • Your Esko ID
    • Your Support Cases and Planned Visits
  • Support portal
    • Read documentation
    • Search the Knowledge Base
    • access the eLearning
  • Support Community
    • Register and follow up on support cases
    • Chat with e-support engineers
    • Post product feature Ideas
    • Discuss products and strategies on our Forums
  • Esko Store
    • Buy consumables (bits, blades, underlays, ...) for your Esko hardware
    • Re-order previous purchases
    • View your Esko hardware configuration
    • View your Esko Store order history
  • My Software download site
    • Download the latest software products that you have purchased
    • Download hotfixes for our software products
    • Subscribe to product and hotfix release notifications
    • View and manage your software licenses
  • Software activation
    • Sign in with your Esko ID to use your subscription
    • Activate your Esko software licenses with Esko ID
    • Perform off-line activation of your Esko software licenses
    • Return your dongles for older Esko software
  • Manage Esko ID
    • View and edit your personal Esko ID profile and preferences
    • View and manage the Esko ID accounts for your organization.
  • Shapes Store
    • Download the latest 3D models 

Creating an Esko ID

Creating an Esko ID is simple. All you need to create an Esko ID is an e-mail address and, if you are already an Esko customer, your Company Code

(plus) Create your Esko ID here


Use your corporate e-mail address when you register your Esko ID. In many cases this will allow us to automatically approve your Esko ID, so that you will get your confirmation e-mail immediately - no manual review step required!

If we cannot automatically approve your Esko ID based on your corporate e-mail address, we will review your request within 24 hours, and after approval you will receive a confirmation e-mail

This approval step makes sure that your company code is never misused by someone else and that only people from within your company have access to company-specific data.


If you already have an Enfocus ID, you should not try to create a new Esko ID - they are really the same account. Just sign in with your Enfocus ID on the Esko web services, and link your Esko company code to your Enfocus ID if prompted to do so!

Managing Esko IDs

You can view and manage the Esko IDs for your organization on our Manage Esko ID portal. This portal allows an administrator at your organization to:

  • Control how (if) new Esko IDs can be created by your associates.
  • Perform basic support tasks for Esko IDs, such as disabling old accounts and resetting passwords.
  • Assign Roles and Permissions to Esko IDs based on the responsibilities in your teams.


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