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What to do if WebCenter runs out of disk space?

I see a message indicating WebCenter has run out of disk space, how do I fix this?


Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Use the Troubleshooting tool to identify where the disk space problem is. See:
    Content by Label
  2. To free up space in the Database and FileStore, run the Cleanup tool:
    1. To obtain the best results, first go to WebCenter and remove any old projects, documents, users, etc., that you have no use for anymore.
    2. Now run the Cleanup tool. See: Cleaning Up the Database and FileStore.
  3. To free up space on the Web Server, delete all but the most recent files from the following directories:
    1. Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\webapps\MYINSTANCE\tempfiles
    2. C:\inetpub\logs\logfiles\W3SVC1
    3. Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs
  4. To free up more space on both the Application and Web Server, you may delete the following files. You will however need to stop all WebCenter services to delete the files and restart them afterwards:
    1. C:\TEMP\WebCenter*.txt
    2. Artios\WebCenter\Logs\* 
    3. Esko\Artios\WebCenter\ApplicationServer\Jboss\server\default\log\*
  5. If there is still not enough available space, you will need to add disk space. Also see the WebCenter Hardware and Software Requirements for recommended minimum values.
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WebCenter 12 and newer

Last revised 15-Feb-17
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