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Can I block a user in WebCenter without losing any information?

Is it possible to prevent a specific user from logging in without losing data?


Preventing a User from Logging In

It is possibly to prevent a specific user from logging in to WebCenter, without removing the user or any related data from the system. Follow these steps to make sure a particular user cannot login anymore:

  1. Login as an Admin user and choose Users from the main admin menu.
  2. Click the name of the user that you want to block to see their User Profile.
  3. In the User Settings section, make sure that the option User Has Guaranteed Access or is an ArtiosCAD Enterprise User is disabled.
  4. Make sure the user cannot login anymore by choosing any of the following options:
    1. Only WebCenter 14.0 and newer: In the Authentication section set all authentication methods to Denied.
    2. Older versions of WebCenter: Using the Password and Confirm Password fields, set the user's password to something else.

      In case this particular user is an LDAP user, you will need to switch the user to basic authentication first.
  5. Click Save to submit the changes you made to the user's profile.
  6. Check whether the user is currently logged in by clicking Show Users that are Currently Logged in on the Users page.
  7. Click Log user off in the Guaranteed access column to log the user off immediately in case the user is in fact logged in.
  8. The user will be presented with the Login screen immediately (see previous step), or next time he/she tries to access the system, and will not be able to login.

In case the Forgot Password? link is enabled on the Login screen, and you only changed the user's password (did not switch off authentication), the user will still be able to request a new login and access the system.

Deleting a User

In case you would like to delete a user from the system completely, note that there may be dependencies involved. If so, ongoing tasks and approvals may be automatically reassigned, meaning certain information in the system would in fact change. Please consider this before deleting a user from the system permanently. However, finished tasks and approvals will still show the old user name. Wherever the user name is still mentioned, it will be marked as deleted with a copyright © symbol.

See the following article to learn more about deleting users and dependencies:

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