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Warning during readiness check: "WARNING - No licenses are found for ..."

When you run the FlexRip readiness check, system shows the following warning messages:

Checking ScreenFilter licenses ...

WARNING - No licenses are found for ScreenFilter 12.1

Checking ScreenManager licenses ...

WARNING - No licenses are found for ScreenManager 12.1

Checking HD FlexoScreens licenses ...

WARNING - No licenses are found for HD FlexoScreens 12.1

Checking Color Engine Pilot licenses ...

INFO - Color Engine Pilot 12.1 licenses are present.


These are just warnings that you do not have the license for those particular parts of the FlexRip software. You do not have all the options, but you can perfectly work with the software without all the options.

If you notice a license in this warning which you do have or which you want to have or you want more information about them, please contact

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