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When an Automation Engine task tries to output on a path longer than 256 characters, it will fail with the error message "Error #3 while opening file".

This is an OS limitation rather than a software one. Your output path can be as long as the OS of your Automation Engine Server allows. For instance, Windows Server 2008 limits to 256 characters.


Automation Engine task fails with error "Error #3 while opening file".


Shorten your output path length to something minor to your Automation Engine's Server OS limit (typically 256 characters).

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  1. "Error #3 while opening file" refers to Windows error number 3, which means


    3 (0x3)

    The system cannot find the path specified.


    This error can be caused by any reason why a path is not found.

    1. The path exceeding the max. amount of characters for the OS is 1 possible reason.
    2. If the path settings are built up via smart names, then it is also possible that 1 or more of these smart names do not return the correct value. Which can cause Automation Engine to search for a path which does not exist.
    3. The path may refer to a location which exists, but to which Windows (the system account user set up in http://YourAutomationEngineServerName:9999/serveradmin/faces/systemaccount.xhtml) does not have access.
    4. ...