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Did you see the new style Automation Engine Online Help?

To increase the user assistance, the On Line Help of Automation Engine shows these changes since v 14:

  • There is now one "Complete" manual, because the split between User and Reference Guide had no real added value.

  • This new complete manual will, one by one, shownew chapters where we combine reference info and user assistance. You will see more Concept introductions and, when relevant, they will end with some Examples.
  • Since the release of v 14, we already published these new chapters:
    • SmartNames
    • Integrating with External Systems (incl. a ZIP with example samples)
    • Integrating with WebCenter
    • RIP’ing with Imaging Engine

During the next year, you will see more new chapters also written in this style. This means that, step by step, the User and Reference Guide will eventually disappear and re-emerge in this new structure layout.

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Automation Engine 14.0

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