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It may be the case that you can't synchronize your FlexRip Dispatcher with Automation Engine despite the Dispatcher being up and running and the FlexRip Dispatcher correctly configured in Automation Engine.


When trying to sync the Dispatcher in Automation Engine, you get the error: "Rip could not be reached.":

Therefore, Type field keeps showing message "Unknown - Please synchronize with RIP":


If the FlexRip Dispatcher is up and running and Rip Node and EskoLink Portnr. (port number) fields are correctly filled on Automation Engine Configure tool, one of the reasons for this error to appear is the fact of not having any media selected for the FlexRip configuration used by the Dispatcher.

This has to be solved via the FlexRip Configurator. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Close the FlexRip Dispatcher you are trying to synchronize with Automation Engine.
  2. Start-up FlexRip Configurator on your FlexRip server.
  3. In the Installed Flavours: drop-down menu, select the flavor of your Dispatcher (C, T4, Proof...).
  4. From the list under Dispatchers: select the dispatcher you are trying to synchronize and click Modify....
  5. Select one of its listed configurations and click Modify.
  6. Make sure one of the listed media is selected, i.e., has the tick symbol () beside it.
    1. If no media is selected, then select the desired one and click OK.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all the listed configurations and click OK (if you are facing the issue described in this KB article, at least one of your configurations shouldn't have had a Media selected).
  8. Start-up the Dispatcher.
  9. Sync the Dispatcher in Automation Engine.

One known way to lead into non-media FlexRip configurations is by using same naming for both Configuration and Media. This is not supported and has to be avoided, otherwise this problem arises.

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