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This article describes how to repair the Proof Server when it doesn't start-up anymore.


The Proof Server doesn't start-up anymore.

  • You can't login with the Proof client.
  • The Proof Server log contains the error "Open Ticket Container failed".


  1. Stop the Proof Server.
  2. Delete the tickets folder located in C:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\Tickets.
  3. Repair the Proof Server
    1. Run the installer of the FlexProof-E Prerequisite DVD (the DVD containing the Proof Server and Esko Profiles).
    2. Choose Software Installation / Installation or upgrade the Proof Server component > Repair the Proof Server component.
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Applies to

FlexProofE 10

FlexProofE 12

FlexProofE 14

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