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When launching a Proof (FlexProof) task in Automation Engine, it may fail with an error log like this:

Could not determine the OutputType of the choosen configuration!
placing the the mergeparameters together
No merging device specified!
Exception of class CFS_EDispatcherErrorConfig
Additional message:
Additional data:
  BG_TDict   {
   [ "InfoPortNumber"  ] = "5061"
   [ "ErrorParams"  ] = BG_TArray  {
      [ 0 ] = "No configurations defined yet"
   [ "ErrorCode"  ] = "flexproofplugin.nodatatreefound"
   [ "RipNodeName"  ] = "server1"

=Server End ======
==Caller==========$CFS_EConfigException: CFS_EDispatcherErrorConfig
BG_TDict   {
   [ "InfoPortNumber"  ] = "5061"
   [ "ErrorParams"  ] = BG_TArray  {
      [ 0 ] = "No configurations defined yet"
   [ "ErrorCode"  ] = "flexproofplugin.nodatatreefound"
   [ "RipNodeName"  ] = "server1"


This problem has two main symptoms:

  1. Proof (FlexProof) task fails with previously showed log information.
  2. If you try to sync your FlexProof Dispatcher with your Automation Engine (to do so, in the Pilot go to Tools > Configure > FlexRip - Proofer Output > General tab > Synchronize with Rip), it will error out with the message "No FlexProof Configurations found. Reason: [No configurations defined yet]".


There are three possible causes/solutions for this.

Solution 1:

If the Proof Server service is started after the FlexProof Dispatcher is launched, this error can occur. To solve it:

  1. Close the FlexRipProof Dispatcher.
  2.  Make sure the Proof Server is running (Proof Server icon is green in the system tray when it is running).
  3. Restart the FlexRipProof Dispatcher. 
  4. Give it a couple of minutes, which are needed for the system to fully synchronize.
  5. Go to the Automation Engine Pilot.
  6. Go to the Tools > Configure > FlexRip - Proofer Output menu.
  7. Select your proofing device and click Synchronize with Rip, making sure that you do not get any error and FlexRipProof - Generic Proofer Output is displayed in Type.

Solution 2:

Another possible cause is the folder \Esko\bg_data_flexripproof_vXXX\FlexProofConfig not appearing as shared in the network. This folder contains the configuration files and should be shared with the name FlexProofConfig_vXXX.

To solve, follow these two steps:

  1. Find the folder in your FlexRip server and share it with name FlexProofConfig_vXXX, giving Read/Write rights to user Everyone.
  2. Restart your FlexProof Dispatcher.
XXX will depend on your current version of FlexRip, where 10.0.X = 100, 10.1.X = 110, 12.0.X = 120, 12.1.x = 121, 14.0.X = 140.

Solution 3:

In case the previously mentioned solutions didn't really solve the problem, go to the Automation Engine master server and:

  1. Start Windows Task Manager.
  2. Go to the Processes tab .
  3. Look for processes eficonnectsrv.exe and submitprooftask.exe.
  4. End them by selecting and clicking End Process.
  5. Synchronize the dispatcher(s) in Automation Engine Pilot.
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Last revised18-Feb-15
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