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Will PackEdge VDP and PPML files be supported when the new DFE 5 is released from HP?


Starting with DFE 5, only PDF/VT and VDT files generated by Dynamic VDP in DeskPack for Illustrator will be accepted by the DFE. PPML files will no longer be supported.

So, the PackEdge VDP workflow will no longer be supported from DFE 5.0 and DFE 4.1 onwards. Customers still using this must first migrate to the new VDP workflow in Illustrator.

With the old VDP workflow in Illustrator, you also could expand the variable data to PPML on the Automation Engine. Starting from HP DFE 4.1 and DFE 5.0, you can no longer send this PPML to the DFE. You still can send the variable data template (.PDFPLA) to the DFE and expand your variable data on the DFE.

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Automation Engine 14.x.x
DeskPack 14.x.x

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