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WebCenter automatically keeps track of the following metrics:

  • Download: What documents were downloaded by which user at a certain point in time.
  • Upload: What documents were uploaded by which user at a certain point in time.
  • Login: Which users logged -in and -out at a certain point in time.
  • Checkout: What documents were checked-in and out by which at a certain point in time.
  • SDK: Which users made certain SDK calls at a certain point in time.

These metrics are logged in the following files: 

  • WebCenterDownloadLog.txt
  • WebCenterUploadLog.txt
  • WebCenterLoginLog.txt
  • WebCenterCheckoutLog.txt
  • WebCenterSDKLog.txt 

By default these files are located in C:\temp folder on the Web Server.

However, it is possible to configure WebCenter to make these metrics files available for download on the Site Service page in the Admin section of WebCenter like normal Web Server log files. This article describes how to make these additional log files available on the Site Service page.


To make these files available on the Site Service page:

  1. On the Web Server, navigate to the config folder of the relevant WebCenter instance. For example: C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\webapps\WebCenter_Inst\config.
  2. Open the config.xml file in a Text Editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.
  3. In this file, search for the <MetricsFile> entries enclosed between <MetricsFiles> tags. These should be similar to: 

        <MetricsFile id="CheckOut" path="C:\temp\WebCenterCheckoutLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Download" path="C:\temp\WebCenterDownloadLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Upload" path="C:\temp\WebCenterUploadLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Login" path="C:\temp\WebCenterLoginLog.txt"/>
    	<MetricsFile id="SDK" path="C:\temp\WebCenterSDKLog.txt"/>
  4. Edit the paths of these <MetricsFile> entries to point to the location of the logs directory on the Web Server. The <MetricsFile> entries enclosed between <MetricsFiles> tags, should now be similar to: 

        <MetricsFile id="CheckOut" path="C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs\WebCenterCheckoutLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Download" path="C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs\WebCenterDownloadLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Upload" path="C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs\WebCenterUploadLog.txt"/>
        <MetricsFile id="Login" path="C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs\WebCenterLoginLog.txt"/>
    	<MetricsFile id="SDK" path="C:\Esko\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\logs\WebCenterSDKLog.txt"/>
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Restart the WebCenter TomCat service for the changes to take effect.
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WebCenter 14.0.2 and newer

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