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JDF job creation on Automation Engine Server, Job is not created or Job update is not done properly (e.g.: product is not created and JDF task does not launch). In the output processed JDF file (or in Automation Engine Diagnostics), you see error: vError -7


Jobs are not created when the JDF create job is processed.

In the processed JDF, the following message appears:

"AgentVersion="14.0" ID="c_141210_113708200_000014">VError:-7</Comment>".

VError:-x (x = 5/6/7/8/9/10) means there is no license for Job creation from JDF!


The system is missing the Automation Engine connect license in Suite 14 or Automation Engine Job creating module in Suite 12.

Loading this license solves this problem.

It may also happen that the license is loaded, but a restart of BGMD is needed.

Article information
Applies to

Automation Engine 12 and newer

Last revised5-Feb-15
AuthorHG, WEIC
CW NumberCW204791, CW277869