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While you create a new WebCenter project, you can select a Project Manager, options always include Me and sometimes a set of groups as well. 

  • Why do you have to select the project manager?
  • How can you take it out?
  • How can I set the project manager to somebody else than the project creator or requestor?


When creating a new project, you don't necessarily always want to be the project manager yourself or the only project manager. In many cases, the project is created by a requestor, who wants to see graphics changed, but does not always want to manage this process. For this reason, the project management can be moved on immediately after project creation to either a group of your choice or a user or group set in the template you are using.

Group of your choice

During project creation you can set the project manager to a group of your choice, but you must be a member of this group yourself. The main reason is to allow the project to be managed by a group instead of an individual user. Advantages of having the project managed by a group are:

  • Every member of the group can execute project management activities (for e.g.: inviting members, setting due date, ...).

    These members must be of the type Project Manager as set by an Admin in the user profile.

  • If a person leaves the group or the company, you can replace him/ her with another person by simply adding more users to the group. You don't have to change the project management in each individual project. In case the projects would be managed by the users individually, you would have to change project management of all projects.

User or group set in a template

During project creation from a template, the project manager may also be set to a user or group determined by the Admin user who manages the template.

What actually happens (whether the choice is visible and what the effect of it is), is configured in the template's Project Creation settings, which you can find under the Configure options tab. The Project Creation settings allow you to define which features are displayed or hidden whilst creating a project from this specific template. One of the options is Set Project Manager, you can either enable or disable the checkbox to Show this feature.

If you enable Show for Set Project Manager in a template or project you will use to create a copy of, the project requestor will see a Project Manager field at project creation time. The selector will contain Me and and the names of any groups this person is in.

If you disable the Show checkbox for Set Project Manager, the Project Manager field is simply taken out, so the project requestor cannot change the manager during project creation. The project's manager will then automatically be set to the template's manager (which can be set by an Admin user via Project Management > Templates, select the template, Project Information > Manager). If the template does not have a project manager or it’s the built-in user ADMIN, the project management will stay with the requestor (so no selection will be shown and the person who creates the project will always be the project manager).

When moving the project management away from the person who did the creation (called the Requestor), it's interesting to know how this person can then get to this project. There are several ways this person can keep access to the project:

  • The requestor can invite himself in one of the roles or without a role (Invite Members).
  • If the template has a role called _REQUESTOR, the requestor will be automatically assigned to this role.
  • The requestor can get invited as a side effect of inviting groups to the project (in case he/she is in one of these groups).
  • In case none of the above applies, the system will invite the requestor as a normal member (only View permissions).
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