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When attempting to launch the Dispatcher, the following error message appears:

One of the dispatcher portnumbers is already in use by another application(probably Windows XP). You need to select another port separator for this dispatcher using FlexRip Configurator. The dispatcher will be closed.


The error "One of the dispatcher portnumbers is already in use by another application" appears after the restart of PC.


  1. Start the FlexRip Configurator on your FlexRip Server.
  2. Click Backup and then choose the folder for the backup.

    It is always better to take a backup of the configurations before any adjustments are made.
  3. In the Installed Flavours: drop-down menu, select the flavor of your Dispatcher that is giving the port error (C, T4, Proof, etc.).
  4. From the Dispatchers: list, select the dispatcher and click Modify....
  5. In the Port Separator drop-down list, choose a different number.
  6. Click OK to save the changes. You will see the new EskoLink Port number listed.
  7. Start the Dispatcher.
  8. In the Automation Engine Pilot, launch Configure via Tools > Configure > FlexRip queue.
  9. Enter the new EskoLink Port number and click Synchronize with Rip.

For more information on FlexRip Configurator, see:

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FlexRip 12

FlexRip 14

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