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When the Select File task in an Automation Engine workflow is configured to target a specific folder name, why does it grab most or all of them?


Often in Automation Engine workflow, the Select File task is used to Select other files or folders. By default, the feature to Look in subfolders is enabled.

There is no limit to the depth down within the defined Look in Folder at which the "looking" will stop.

So, if not careful to target a very specific Look in Folder, the opportunity is there to search far and wide for matches to your criteria. When used incorrectly, this can have undesirable results depending on the subsequent tasks in your workflow (e.g.: Delete File).

In the case where numerous instances of a file or folder name exists on the system, consider carefully how you define the target of Look in Folder. Target from too high of a folder level or an instance of unexpected input or utilization can have far reaching effects.

Unless it is the explicit design of your workflow to use Select File task, disable Look in subfolders.

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