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Nexus 10.1.3 PDF rip on Windows fails with the following error:

"Undefined - Unable to write temp file : C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\RasteriserTemporaryFiles\RasteriserTemporaryFile-2980-54".


The Rasterise Separations activity in Nexus fails. The error message starts with "Undefined - Unable to write temp file" and then shows a path pointing to a folder named RasteriserTemporaryFiles.

When you look at that folder, after the error message occurred, there is still disk space available.


You need to make more disk space available on the hard disk drive on which the RasteriserTemporaryFiles is available.

The error is generated at the moment when there is 0KB free disk space left. But at that moment, Nexus also removes the temporary files related to the failed job.

So, when you look at the folder, it shows that there is still space available. Depending on the contents of your file, the needed disk space for the temporary files can be 4GB or more.

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Nexus 10.1.3

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