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When trapping a file with linked images, the trap task fails if the file and the images are in a folder on the desktop in the workstation.


Trap task does not complete and you get a red "X" in the Shuttle Message window similar to the one given below.


The error is generated because the Automation Engine cannot access the images on the desktop in the workstation.

There are two solutions:

Method 1:

Copy the Adobe® Illustrator® file and all linked images to a registered Automation Engine Container.

Method 2:

  1. In the Adobe® Illustrator®, go to Illustrator > Preferences > Esko > PDF Export Preferences.
  2. In the Images And Linked Files section,
    • Either enable the Copy Linked Files Next To Output File radio button. Or,
    • Enable the Use Links and Apply Server Mapping radio button, while also enabling the Copy Links if not on File Servers check box.


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PowerTrapper for Adobe® Illustrator® all versions

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