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FlexProofE tasks complete through Dispatcher but do not print.


Send to Proof server step gives error. File does not print or only prints partially. The following error message is present in the log file of the task.

Entered stage "Connecting to proof server..."
INFO: egrip01
INFO: spt.ConnectedToProofServer
INFO: spt.FollowingWorkflowIsUsed(Z3200Plain)
INFO: spt.FollowingFileIsSentToProofServer(\\egrip01\ProofFolder\146640_c001.tif)
INFO: spt.GotValidJobID(79)
Entered stage "Waiting for proof server..."
Info: The job was analyzed!
Error: There was an error with the job!
Error message: w C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Esko/Proof/Server/Output/146640_c001_79.bco: There is not enough space on the disk. [112]


On the computer that contains the FlexProof:

  1. Launch Esko Proof Client.
  2. System Manager view.
  3. In the System menu, choose Cleanup.
    1. Choose this command to delete files that are no longer needed. You can choose to delete output files, preview files, temporary files, files loaded in the job list and log files.
    2. Alternatively, click All to delete all.
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