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The last "Save As" location/folder is not remembered in ArtPro.


When you save a file on Desktop and try to save another file, it jumps back to the Documents folder as the last location is not remembered.


The com.esko.artpro.plist file located in User Library/Preferences contains the information regarding the last Save As location and resizing the pop-up windows in ArtPro.
ArtPro can retrieve this file but in some cases cannot read.

  1. Close ArtPro.
  2. Remove the "com.esko.artpro.plist" file from User Library / Preferences.
  3. Reboot the machine.
  4. Restart ArtPro.

User Library

User Library is a hidden folder. From Finder, go to Go and by holding the ALT key select Library.

You can make this folder permanently visible in the Home folder by going to View/Show View Options and enabling the Show Library Folder option.

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