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When you try to Login to Pilot, the following error appears:

"An exception occurred while trying to retrieve records: BG_EException .illegalArgumentException: Illegal Capacity: -98".


When the following error appears and you click OK, the Pilot does launch. However, Jobs view is slow and sluggish.


Jobs database is reaching capacity.

  1. Archive Jobs -
  2. Remove Jobs -


For more information, see:

An Automation Engine job represents a Work In Progress. It is expected that you remove the job when the work is done.

Removing a job means that it is removed from the Automation Engine jobs database. You have the option to keep the job folder data.

When you remove a job,

  • All finished tasks in that job will be deleted. If you wish to keep those tasks, use the Task Cleanup Rules to move them (earlier) to the Task History tool.
  • If that job still has unfinished tasks, you will be asked before removing the job to confirm that they can be cancelled and deleted.
  • All Actions for that job in the To Do List will be deleted.
  • Any setup of Hot Folders in that job folder will be removed.
  • When you choose to not delete the job folder, all the job's setup parameters will be stored in a subfolder config (this is the information that was inside the database).
  • The job will disappear from the Pilot's Job Overview.
  • In the Containers view, the blue colored folder icon will turn back into a standard yellow folder icon. You will be able to restore it later.
  • If the case you need many jobs online, consider to upgrade to a Full SQL server i.s.o. using the default SQL Express server.
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Automation Engine 14.0

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