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Saving a DXF or CFF2 file to a WebCenter project fails with "Write Access Denied" error. Also, manual upload to WebCenter via the browser fails.

This article describes how to resolve this issue, by configuring default Design Defaults.


  • Saving DXF or CFF2 file to a WebCenter project fails with a "Write Access Denied" error.
  • Restarting the CAD-X server on the WebCenter Application Server did not solve the problem.
  • There are no defaults configured for BoardImport Tuning and/or Parameter sets.
  • This error also occurs if no ArtiosCAD defaults or the correct language defaults are installed.


To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Please check if the WebCenter CAD-X service has been started with the correct user. The WebCenter CAD-X service has to be started with the "BGSYSTEM" user.
    If you use a different user, please change the service to start with the "BGSYSTEM" account and click OK.

  2. ArtiosCAD need default settings for the following three Design defaults: Board, Import Tuning and Parameter sets. Open the ArtiosCAD Enterprise Shared Defaults and go to Design defaults. You will need to modify Default Board, Default Import Tuning and Default parameter sets.


  3. Select a Default board and click OK

  4. Select for each file type a Default Import Tuning and click OK

  5. You have to select Default parameter sets for "Single Design"and "Manufacturing" and click OK

  6. Save the Defaults by choosing the File > Save menu.
  7.  Stop the WebCenter CAD-X service on the WebCenter Application Server.
  8. Delete all *.db and *.db-journal files under C:\Users\BGSYSTEM\AppData\Local\Esko.
    Please check for similar folders like:

    and delete all *.db and *.db-journal files
  9. Restart the WebCenterX service on the Application Server.
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ArtiosCAD Enterprise

Last revised27-Jun-14
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