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I have a Collada Document that I want to open in the 3D Collada Viewer. Despite having View permissions on the Document, the application shows me a "Permission denied" error.

Is having View permission on a Document in order to open it in the 3D Collada Viewer not enough?


The Java Collada Viewer requires both View and Download permissions, as the application needs to download Document data to the client first, before being able to load the Document into the applet. This is a technical limitation of using Java applet to view your Collada document.

The HTML5 Collada Viewer (new in 14.1) only requires View permissions since it does not need to download Document data.

To change your preferred Viewer for 3D Documents, modify Collada Viewer Preferences > Viewer Type in My WebCenter > My Preferences.

Also see: Viewing 3D in the HTML5 Collada Viewer.

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