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Drag on Plane lets you easily move an object onto a surface. Use it also to drag the current selection around the scene freehand.

However, there could be cases where no green rectangle will show or ArtiosCAD will crash. If this happens to you and the graphics card is Nvidia, the card’s driver *must* be updated.


  1. Select the can.
  2. Invoke the Drag on Plane tool.
  3. Set Check collisions.
  4. Select the inside of a tray.
  5. You should get the green rectangle.

Symptom could be the following:

  • Green rectangle does not appear.
  • ArtiosCAD crashes.


For Nvidia graphic card user

Option 1:

Step 1: If your system has more than one graphic card, you might want to run Nvidia Control Panel to set the card you want.

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel. (Press Windows key-R to open the run command window and type Control Panel).
  2. Open Nvidia Control Panel.

Step 2: Update Nvidia graphic card's driver

  1. To update the driver, use Control Panel\Device Manager. Select the NVidia card and update the driver.  You will need a reboot.

Option 2:

In ArtiosCAD, 3D can use two different rendering (display) methods, OpenGL (the default) and Direct3D. Switching to Direct3D can be the solution for this.

To switch between the rendering methods,

  1. Click Options > 3D Rendering Options.
  2. Choose the desired method.
  3. Click OK.

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