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When you try to activate an upgrade key file, an error appears.


When you try to activate an upgrade key file or try to move your licenses to another computer and you get the following error:

"One or more licenses you want to upgrade are not available".


An upgrade key file can only be used once and only works if the situation on your computer is the same as it was at the moment the file was created.

If you are activating an upgrade key file for the first time, it means that the licenses on your computer have changed since the upgrade key file was created. If you have moved licenses, please move them back to the original computer. If you're not able to track the original licenses anymore, please contact Esko Support.

When you open your upgrade key file, you can see which licenses need to be present on your computer.

If you are using the upgrade key file to move licenses to another computer, then use the HTML file with the deactivated keys (deactivatedkeys.html) instead of the upgrade key file.

More information on upgrades

You can find more information on how the upgrade mechanism works in this article:

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Last revised16-Apr-15
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