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How do copy and mirror tools function in ArtiosCAD with special rule?


Let's assume the design includes a left profile S rule.

If the user performs a Copy Mirror about Vertical|Horizontal:
note that the copied rule is mirrored and a new rule name appears in the rule list with _mirrored attached to the original name. 

This is to allow for the fact that a mirrored rule now will contain the profile of its directional counterpart, which in this case would be a right direction. However, the name remains intact with an extension so that the user can know that it was a mirrored rule.

Assume the same rule from above and use the copy tool to create another copy.

If the mirror tools are then used:

the following will occur:

  • The Vertical & Horizontal Mirror about Center and Mirror about Line tools will mirror the rule and create a new rule entry using the original name with "_mirror" appended to that new name.
  • The Mirror about Vertical & Horizontal will not mirror the rule

If a user does not like the renaming of the rule with "_mirror", a better solution would be to use the directional counterpart.

This is how the tools have evolved. The ArtiosCAD development team acknowledges that there could be some inconsistencies and any feedback is welcome as to if the tools should behave consistently with special rule and in what manner.

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ArtiosCAD 7.6+

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