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Is it possible to create an Equinox Profile with CMYK + Orange and Red?


It is not possible to create an Equinox profile with CMYK+OR.

The color space is divided in sections. Each section consists of Black + two colorful inks from the CMYK-space + the gamut-extending color in-between the two colorful inks.

In this way a 7-ink colorspace is divided in three complementary sections: CMVK, OMYK, CGYK.

It is not possible to have an equinox profile with two colors in-between the CMY-inks. More explicitly:

  •  An equinox-profile with a Violet AND a blue is not possible because Violet and Blue are both between Cyan and Magenta.
  •  An equinox-profile with a Red AND a Orange is not possible because Red and Orange are both between Magenta and Yellow.

The best way to handle this, is creating two different profiles. One with CMYK+O(GB) and one with CMYK+R(GB). You can compare these two profiles in:

Color Engine > Tools > Gamut View > Compare Profiles as shown here:

In this way, you can see perfectly for which job you should need which profile, because you can see the gamut that can be reached with each profile.

You want to convert jobs with two colors from the same section of the color spectrum?

You may want to convert jobs where you want to use two colors from the same section of the color spectrum (for example orange and red) because some of the spot colors in the job are better matched with orange and others are better matched with red.
A strategy can have only one output profile, so, either it uses the orange ink or it uses the red ink. There are two options to do this:

  • Convert the job twice through different strategies, once for orange and once for red. In this case, you have to make sure that inks that are to be converted through the second strategy are not converted through the first strategy, by setting the inks to "keep in output" during the first conversion.
  • Alternatively, if most inks can be converted through for example, orange and only a few exceptions require red, you can do this with a single strategy in your workflow. For those exceptions that require red, you can add red as an extra output ink and manually enter the values (perhaps copied from the second strategy) for these inks.
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