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After trapping a file the color pairs are modified and updated and the task fails.


  1. Trap a file.
  2. Open the file from the Shuttle palette.
  3. Modify any of the trapping pairs.
  4. Update the traps.
  5. Task fails with an error: "Unable to open color pairs file...".


Check the trapping ticket. If it is set up to change the name of the file either leave the File Name field blank or only enter the file SmartName, see below.

Once the file is trapped the Illustrator file may be saved with a new name.

This issue is fixed in DeskPack 16 and the fix is available for Adobe® Illustrator® CS6 and CC 2014 as hotfix 1407034 for DeskPack 14.1.1.

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DeskPack PowerTrapper 14.1.1

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