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When printing a new proof, No Color Management Active message appears where the color strategy should be even though a color strategy is set in the Automation Engine Proof ticket.


  • The proof reads that there is no color management used even though there is one set in the Automation Engine Proof ticket.
  • The tag says "No Color Management Activated" when printed.
  • In the Esko Proof Client, the Job Ticket is being used in the workflow to create a tag.


This mark is being populated by the Esko Proof Client.

It is saying "No Color Management Applied" because there is no color management being applied by the Proof Client. It has been applied already during the RIP part.

To turn this setting off:

  1. Open the Esko Proof Client.
  2. Highlight the Workflow being used.
  3. Go to Layout > Job Ticket > Edit.
  4. Uncheck ICC Profile.


If you want the proof to display the color strategy being applied you can create a Text Smart Mark or Dynamic Mark using the color strategy Smart Name.

This will display the correct color strategy.

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