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What does the future look like for ArtPro+ and what happens with PackEdge, Plato, ArtPro and PowerLayout?


Overview ArtPro+

ArtPro+ is available in two editions.

ArtPro+ Essentials Edition which offers all features needed for the preparation of packaging artwork for print production such as Preflight, Barcode and Text Recognition, strong separation tools, a semi-automatic trapper, PDF Action Lists and many more.

ArtPro+ Advanced Edition is adding Step & Repeat functionality incl. MFG and CF2 based sheet layout and a brand new automatic trapper.

The migration from PackEdge or ArtPro to ArtPro+ couldn’t be easier: You can use your existing graphic editor licenses and start using ArtPro+ today!

ArtPro, PackEdge and friends

It's important to know that the release of ArtPro+ does not mean the immediate end of ArtPro, PackEdge and friends.

All editors will continue to be developed, and bugs will be solved up until the End of Life communication.

End Of Life

The End of Life (EOL) triggers the shortened five year lifespan of the product. This means that from that point onwards, there is a three year maintenance window in which bug fixes and support are guaranteed. Next there is a two year window during which technical support is still guaranteed, but new bug fixes will no longer be done.

This schedule will ensure the right level of support and maintenance for ArtPro and PackEdge users to 2025 respectively 2027 and allow straightforward switching to one of the ArtPro+ editions.


The End Of Life of Neo has been communicated in 2018. Esko is offering a migration path to ArtPro+ Essentials.

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