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ArtPro 16 is said to support placing PDF+ files (non-Normalized PDF files generated by ArtPro+) in its Step & Repeat files, but when I do, I do not see the contents of the placed files. This KB describes how to deal with this.


I save a non-Normalized PDF in ArtPro+ (a so-called PDF+ file) and place it in ArtPro 16. It is placed but looks empty.


Currently ArtPro+ does not add a preview when saving a PDF. So when it is placed in ArtPro, ArtPro cannot show a preview.

ArtPro does allow to Add or Calculate a PDF preview. Just do a right-click on the placed file and choose to Add Preview to PDF or Calculate PDF Preview. You can also choose these actions from the action wheel on the Links palette.

You only need this if you want to preview the contents of the PDFs in ArtPro. Even if you do not add or calculate the preview, the contents of the placed PDF files will be included when exporting your (S&R) file to PDF.

As soon as ArtPro+ adds a preview to the PDF files upon saving, this will work out of the box.

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