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Can ArtiosCAD properly evaluate an attribute in WebCenter defined as "JavaScript"?



Assume two attributes, Heavy montreal and Heavy montreal click are defined. Heavy montreal is a text attribute and Heavy montreal click is also a text attribute defined with a Button as shown below:

The configuration above means that when the attribute page for the document is loaded in WebCenter, the attribute Heavy montreal click will be evaluated and it will be set to the value in the attribute Heavy montreal.

Assume an ArtiosCAD user saves a document and saves its attributes as shown below:

When the WebCenter user loads the document, the attribute values will be displayed as shown below, because the JavaScript instructed the form to set the attribute Heavy montreal click to the value of Heavy montreal (Nightwish). And as the execution was at page load time, the page needs to still be saved to commit the values to the database.

So while the WebCenter form is still open but not saved, the attribute values will be different than what the ArtiosCAD user sees at the same point in time. When the WebCenter form is saved and the document is next opened in ArtiosCAD, the attributes values will be the same.

ArtiosCAD cannot force JavaScript to evaluate. Unless the attribute form is opened for the document in WebCenter, ArtiosCAD will always contain the attributes that were originally entered. ArtiosCAD cannot evaluate the JavaScript directly.
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WebCenter 14 and newer

ArtiosCAD Enterprise 14 and newer

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