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Are the barcodes generated from ArtPro+ compliant with the current industry standards.


For ISO CODES we are following the available standards as given below:

ISO 247282006 MicroPDF417 bar code symbology specification [ISO_24728_2006_micro_PDF417.pdf]
ISO 180042006 QR code correction 2009 [ISO_18004_2006_QR_code_correction_2009.pdf]
ISO 160222006 + CORRIGENDUM 1(2008) & 2(2011): Data Matrix [ISO 16022-2006+CORRIGENDUM 1 & 2.pdf]

For NON-ISO CODES we are following the available standards as given below:

AIM Inc. International Symbology SpecificationReduced Space Symbology (RSS), ITS/99-001, Ver. 1.0 1999-10-29. Actually a base of RSS DataBar. [hard copy available]
Laetus RATBERGER PHARMACODE, 4. Issue, February 2006, in German [hard copy available]
SYMBOLISATION PAR CODE A BARRES SON IMPRESSION SUR L'EMBALAGE CODE 39 (C.I.P.), around 1993, in French [hard copy available]

For GS1 CODES we are following GS1 specifications:

 1.General info

  • Overall GS1 data structure due to definition of Application Identifiers – valid for all GS1* barcodes
  • Barcode optimal/minimal/maximal technical parameters, if GS1 defines clearly

2. Data Carriers

  • Some data carriers are defined completely including encoding methods (type A),
  • For some of them GS1 defines only parameters related to GS1 application and GS1-specific data structure on top of referenced ISO symbol specification, defining encoding, bar drawing etc. (typeB)
 EAN 8
type A
 EAN 13type A
UPC Atype A
 UPC Etype A
ITF-14type A
GS1 128type B with a reference to “ISO/IEC 15417, Information Technology - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques - Bar code Symbology Specification - Code 128”
GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, Truncated, Stacked, Stacked Omnidirectional, Limited, Expanded, Expanded Stackedtype B with a reference to “ISO/IEC 24724”
GS1 Datamatrixtype B with a reference to “ISO/IEC 16022”
Composite part of barcodestype B with a reference to “AIM ITS 99-002 - International Symbology Specification - Composite Symbology”
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